Filter Specifications
Center Wavelength CWL 800nm
Center Wavelength CWL Tolerance ± 2nm
Full-Width Half-Max FWHM 10nm
Full-Width Half-Max FWHM Tolerance    ± 2nm
Minimum Transmission in Bandpass  50%
Out-of-Peak Blocking     200nm - 3500+nm
Out-of-Peak Optical Density OD ≥ 4.0 OD
Measured-at Temperature 22° C
Angle Sensitivity Assumes near collimated, normal incidence beam
Ring Mount Reduces Clear Aperture to     9mm (12.5mm and 1/2-inch rings)
21mm (25mm and 1-inch rings)


Sizes and Photodiodes

    Custom Quantity or Size

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    What Makes Us Unique

    First and foremost, we are not just another coating house making the same products in the same way as our competitors. So what makes Intor, Inc. unique?

    New techniques and processes developed in house allow us to offer you beneficial pricing structures and performance standards unmatched in the optics industry.

    In addition, we design custom filters for special customer needs in research and development. Intor, Inc. combines the talents of engineers, craftspeople and support personnel to bring our customers the finest quality thin film optical interference filters and integrated Si/PIN filter detectors on the market today. We also offer excellent prices, fast turnaround, and strong support services to back up every sale.

    Our History

    Intor, Inc. is located in the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico, where the climate and dry conditions are ideal for the manufacture of interference filters. Intor, Inc. has been producing and marketing optical filters since 1994.

    After years of searching for the ideal area to manufacture thin film filters and our filter silicon diode assemblies, our President chose an area in the high desert of New Mexico. The Middle Rio Grande Valley is situated approximately one mile above sea level and the year round dry air conditions reduce the problems in the production of filters normally associated with higher humidity at closer to sea level locations.

    Dr. Bryn's pioneering effort is coupled with the new processes and innovative designs of new equipment and materials as well as the determination and dedication of the staff and management of Intor, Inc. This serves to bring you the finest, technically accurate, and durable filter obtainable anywhere in the world today.

    Let there be light, and there was light.

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